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あの街も あの海も あの夜空も 消えてしまう
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02.23.23 - main post



flail x share x flail x share
in this Journal. Get it? :))

spire | okimiyage

it's mine :3

my very first bigbang CD.
it's their first Japanese Album. hahaha.
i bought it to celebrate my 6th monthsary as a V.I.P xD


will be reuniting once more for a live performance
at the SBS 'Drama Awards.'

this news killed me.
oh my gosh.
12.19.09 - [3] No Doubt.
Itaewon Murder Case Pictures, Images and Photos

Itaewon Murder Case

The movie was based on a true story, a murder case in a fast food chain
located in Itaewon that happened during April 8, 1997.

Jang Geun Seok played the role of one of the suspects in the murder,
he was Robert J. Pearson. An American-Korean highschool student,
and because of his role, he had to speak in english, it was oh so sexy haha. <33

Acting wise, he was so amazing, everyone was amazing.
The movie was sooo JJANG. People should watch it <3

anyway, today was a very annoying day, the package that my dad sent a month ago
is supposed to be here already, @@

ugh. it's very exhausting @@

i should sleep already. lol
but Jang Geun Seok is not letting me ((:

<3 -lheng 98 days.
12.19.09 - (:

I'm not singing, just posing ((:    

today wasn't that much
last night, i fell asleep at around 5 am then
i woke up at ard 4 pm the next day haha

i was busy trying to understand
how will i do my requirements without getting bored lol.
so now. i'll sleep already (:


*I'm trying my best to make my LJ active everyday*

PS: like my new layout? hahaha.

99 days left.
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